Disability and Job Training

Your injury may have made it difficult to fulfill the requirements of your previous job, or you may have difficulty keeping a regular working schedule because of your condition. But you shouldn’t have to suffer because of these difficulties. An Indianapolis disability lawyer can help you ensure you receive the full disability benefits you are entitled to.

The Social Security administration, working through various state-level agencies, has a wealth of programs available to help people with disabilities hold down jobs. In Indiana, once your disability claim has been accepted, the State will work with you and your lawyer to create a plan for employment that’s unique to you and your abilities and needs.

Your individualized plan may include benefits like job training, placement, and a disability “safety net” should you fall ill again or face other difficulties. Disability can also help you get treatment and rehabilitation for your condition, making it easier to integrate back into the workforce. With the help of these programs, you can hold down a meaningful job again and increase your independence and confidence.

If you have become disabled because of an injury or medical condition, disability benefits from the state can help you return to work sooner. Their job training and placement programs can help you find a job that fits your abilities and interests. With the help of an Indiana disability lawyer, you can make sure you receive the benefits you need.