Get on the Job Training Working For Yourself

One of the biggest reasons that people have as to why they have their job and why they need to keep it is because of the experience and training that it provides. I’m sorry to say that the job isn’t going to be all that helpful in training you for what you want to do with your life. All that job is really going to train you to do is the job that they want you to do. They are paying you, so your time is their money.

There are libraries full of information about how to do get training and educational facilities that will give you plenty of training. On the job training is really only get you as far as they see fit. So your job really dictates the fate of your own future and life. Yuck! Do yourself a favor and go out and get your own experience. You don’t realize all the opportunities you are missing by trading your time for money at your job.

Another thing to keep in mind and ask yourself is the skill sets that you are learning at work. Is it something that is going to be helpful to know and utilize in the next decade or two? Will your company even be around then? Will your job exist or are you just wasting your time just to make ends meet?

If you were given two choices of either working your job now and gaining experience through the time you trade for money, or would you rather learn how to utilize a system that creates value for others and pays you whether you are working or not?

These are the choices that you truly have today whether you think you do or not. What are you really getting experience and training for? The sooner that you realize that you don’t have to work for someone and only be a tiny asset in a large corporation, the more time you will have to learn the skill sets of a successful entrepreneur.

All things considered, some people are just happy with the jobs that they are asked to do, and that is just fine. We wouldn’t have business and corporations or outsourcing if everyone owned their own business. I hope just to open your mind for a little bit so that you can see your true potential and so that you don’t think that you have to work for someone and be their asset for the rest of your healthy life.